The Silence Kills Campaign

SILENCE KILLS is an Australia wide campaign to make the default reaction to a nearby scream or disturbing noise to be a phone call to 000. It is being run by The National Council for Single Mothers and Their Children.

Underpinning this campaign is the belief that ending family and domestic violence is everybody’s businesses and working towards this is building a better culture for our children to grow up in and pass on to their children.


At the centre of the campaign are three videos

A 10 minute short-form documentary

A 3.5 minute public information video

Silence Kills Song


The Survey

The messaging of the videos was informed by a survey on bystander reactions to domestic violence

We partnered with University SA to develop this national survey which asked respondents about their views on bystander reactions to domestic violence.

This survey informed the Silence Kills campaign videos, the goal of which is to encourage bystanders to act and seek help if they hear screams or cries of distress in homes.

The survey gave insight into the reactions and views of the Australian Community. It was an anonymous, online survey that took approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The project was approved by the University of South Australia’s Human Research Ethics Committee; it was led by Dr Elspeth McInnes and in collaboration with National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc.

Participants were Australian residents and citizens aged 18 or over.

The survey came with the warning that questions might prompt recall of distressing events and asked anyone feeling distressed by it to call Lifeline 131144.