The Silence Kills Campaign

SILENCE KILLS is an Australia wide campaign to make the default reaction to a nearby scream or disturbing noise to be a phone call to 000.


At the centre of the campaign are three videos

A 10 minute short-form documentary

A 2 minute discussion starter

A 30 second call to action


A national campaign is being run by The National Council for Single Mothers and their Children (NCSMC).

The purpose of the campaign is to make the default reaction to a scream or disturbing noise be a phone call to 000.

At the core of the campaign will be a 10 minute mini documentary for screening at meetings and events:

Underpinning this campaign is the belief that ending family and domestic violence is everybody’s businesses and working towards this is building a better culture for our children to grow up in and pass on to their children.

The videos will include a wide range of voices such as victims whose calls for help went unheard; the fulfilment of a person who did call to good effect; women impacted by the response of others; national advocates and a range of people encouraging viewers to make the call phone to 000.

All three videos will be freely available to community groups, advocates, sector organisations and other interested bodies for them to use.

The project will develop key alliances and the goal is for the 30 second call out video to be shown on a free to air TV channel to spread the message.

All three videos will be available from this website for sharing when they are completed.

The Alliance Partners